Welcome to The Lions' Den!

A podcast released twice a month, "The Lions' Den" is devoted to Lionism within District 4L4 meant to inform, educate and inspire Lions and the communities we serve. Lions District 4L4 is comprised of clubs throughout Orange County and eastward to Ranch Cucamonga, California.


During the "District Spotlight" segment, we'll introduce you to new members, or spotlight a club or member who's gone all out and deserves to be recognized. 

There are times when Lions take on projects that are too big for one club to handle. Or maybe they need a piece of equipment that another club owns.
Whatever it is, we’ll put out the call in the “How Can We Help/Club to Club Swap” segment.

Heroes are all around us and we want to celebrate them. In the “Local Heroes” segment, we focus on an individual that makes you think, “wow, that was brave!” Maybe it’s someone who cooks and feeds the homeless, or fixes old bikes then gives them to kids.
So come on, 4L4, let’s hear it for the heroes!

The Lions know how to put on an event and boy do they put on a lot! The “Upcoming Events” segment is a full rundown of the happenings in the 4L4.

District 4L4, we want to help you get the word out about your club's activities and happenings, as well as local heroes in your area. All pertinent information including, names, email addresses and phone numbers should be sent to lionproducers@gmail.com.                                                         

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